Built to help you work with your local community: manage phone, email and online orders, schedule home deliveries, and delegate jobs around your team of in-store staff and drivers.

Home delivery management.

  • What's due to be delivered today?
  • How far have I got to drive, and where?
  • Which jobs are assigned to which driver?
  • Did Sheila get her order this morning?

With in-built routing for admins and drivers.

Take order requests online.

  • Get customers to place orders themselves.
  • Save time, and get all the info you need up front.
  • Built for self-collection or home delivery.
  • Automated email and SMS updates.

Teambee is for local businesses that don't need a full-blown ecommerce platform.

You don't have the time to list products online, and your stock is changing all the time. You want to talk to your customers anyway; all you need is a way for them to put their request in, online, in a structured way so you can focus on servicing orders efficiently.

Much, much better than taking orders by email.

Mobile access, from anywhere

Everything you need to do on the road can be easily managed via a phone.

- Job listing and viewing
- Updating to Collected, Delivered, or On hold
- Adding payments
- Viewing and uploading files
- Routing between addresses