About us

Teambee was founded in Cardigan, Wales in response to the needs of a local Mutual Aid volunteer group. The group was scaling up quickly, and fast outgrowing the capabilities of spreadsheets and shared inboxes.

With experience in enterprise retail management platforms and community based library-of-things software, we saw that there was a way for volunteer groups to work in a much more efficient, safer, and scalable way.

We believe we have built the most usable, useful system for teams of administrators / call handlers / dispatchers to work with jobs that involve customers, suppliers and local delivery.

Who is Teambee for?

The platform is suited to multi-tiered organisations that work in different teams, as well as micro-groups that just need a safe, sharable way of storing data, calendars, jobs and volunteer information.

With a hierarchical structure and the ability to segment work into teams, information is shown only to the people that need to know.

As teams scale, information needs to be stored in a safe location which can be shared with the team, and the status of each job, task or order needs to have a clear audit trail. Teambee handles all of that, and more.

Many small businesses are not used to dealing with "orders"; before society locked down, all customers just came through the door. Now, much of local retail is either done over the phone, or delivered to residents. Business owners have to handle each order from request through to completion: What does the customer want? When do they want it? Will they collect or will I deliver? Where do they live? How many deliveries have I got today? Was the order paid for?

Teambee provides a way for them to manage this in an easy to use online platform, where customers can even place requests online without the business needing to launch an online shop. For businesses that do have an online shop, Teambee can be used to handle driver allocation, home deliveries and customer communication.

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