Easy to use maps, routing and location-based job assignment.

Built for collect-and-deliver.

Teambee is great for organisations that need to perform jobs in a certain location, or take items from one place to another. Jobs can be managed on a map, assigned to the nearest agent (volunteer), and distances reported.

Jobs can be set up so that agents follow a simple, robust Ready » Collect » Deliver workflow, updating your core admin team (and the customer or provider) as they go.

Capture data at source

Agents/volunteers can enter payments, upload files and add notes to their jobs at any time, but it's especially easy when they mark a job as collected or delivered.

Access on the road.

All features are easy to use on a smartphone via our web app. We know how important it is for volunteers and agents to have a simple, hassle-free experience.

Easy for them = good data for you.

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