Teambee is a platform for organisations and volunteer groups to manage local deliveries, support requests and community services for the elderly, vulnerable and isolated.

For growing teams that need to delegate and share

Manage requests, jobs, tasks & orders

Track volunteers, identification & qualifications

Help with assignment, scheduling & calendars

Handle finances, cash, payments & balances

Schedule pickups, dropoffs, jobs & calls.

For group administrators. Bring a clear, structured process to shopping requests, prescription collections, phone calls and all the other jobs that your community is busy helping with.

Manage volunteers and team members.

Keep track of your drivers, shoppers, callers, dog walkers and everyone else that wants to be involved. Store DBS references, photos and notes in a secure, GDPR-compliant system.

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Communicate: keep everyone in the loop.

Automated text messages and emails keep volunteers, customers, suppliers and other team members up to date without anyone having to spend extra time chasing things up.

Help small businesses keep trading.

A quick, simple way to take orders online and manage home deliveries (or customer pickup). For businesses who don't need a full ecommerce platform, but still need to connect to an online customer base.

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For the community

Place orders with local retailers that don't have an online shop; send prescription collection requests, and more.

Get your items delivered to your door, or prepared for self-serve pickup. You'll get updates by email and/or text so you can keep up with your order.

For area support admins

Stay in control of all your jobs, tasks and orders: keep track of who is doing what, when it's due and what still needs to be done.

You can access everything online, so you can stay in touch from anywhere.

Email and SMS updates are sent to keep everyone in the loop and save you time.

For volunteers

Help isolated and at-risk individuals receive their shopping, prescriptions and other items.

Register as a volunteer so that you can collect and deliver people's shopping, prescriptions and other community errands.

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